FAQs, beloveds

“Hey Professor Lady Person Badass, are you a real professor?”

why yes, my beloved. Your professor holds several degrees in real life. He is “abd” (all but dissertation) on a PhD.  This means   that your professor is surrounded by books and important pieces of paper.  This also means that she is impoverished, underemployed and sometimes weeps softly into her Bourbon in the dark night of her soul.  Her typing, editing, typing soul.

“Hey Professor, I need more wordy words from you. Are you elsewhere on the interwebs spreading belovedness and niceness?”

Yes. Your professor tweets at the handle ProfessorLPB, in which she does it to you in your eyeballs in 140 characters or less.

Also, IRL, my twitter handle is theviviakay. I like to describe the Professor as the sassier angel of my nature.  The Professor says everything. out loud. immediately.  Still and all, if you’re dying to know when I workout or some shit, stalk away.

“Hey, Professor, do I know what nice is?”

not yet beloved, not yet.

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