The Election That Doesn’t Kill #TOpoli Makes Us Stronger

First off, I want you all to notice that I resisted my initial urge to title this one “Doug Ford and his Chocolate Milk Can Go Fuck Themselves,” even though I’m sure that would have resonated with the current climate in my beloved city. I fucking love Toronto. I can’t really find the words. This city feeds my bones and bloods, beloveds.

Soon, we’re going to have a brand new mayor. That’s a fact.

Rob Ford, he of the international headline, won’t be our mayor anymore. I’m very sad that he left us the way he did, and I wish him the best of health. Y’all know I have different thoughts about his next of kin.

There have been really inspirational people to come out of this election. Andray Domise, the candidate who I believe is going to take down the Fords in Ward 2. Munira Abukar, another candidate in Ward 2, who has been the definition of grace under the pressure of hideously hateful vandal attacks on her campaign signs, Ari Goldkind epically speaking truth to power in several debates (and really he should be in all of the remaining ones), Morgan Baskin positively owning the ArtsVote debate (one of the few she has been invited to appear at, truly an oversight), and David Soknacki bringing dignity to the early stages of the election.

Now, Toronto has to make a choice. If you look at the top polling candidates, it’s between Doug Ford, asshole, John Tory, slightly smilier asshole: case in point here, here, and here and Olivia Chow

. Now the problem is, these polls are putting Tory way out in the lead and Ford, noted asshole, in the middle and Chow trailing behind. Leading everyone and their auntie to say “Oh–we must be sensible Canadian folk and vote for Tory in order to defeat Ford. He does look just like a mayor did in all of those programs on the TeeVee.”


Here’s a quote I’ve been turning to a lot during this election:

“If there are such things as angels, I hope they are organized in the manner of the mafia.” –Kurt Vonnegut

This election is crucial to the future of this city. This election is the line in the sand. Do we settle for the middle of the road because we are frightened? Do we settle for a guy in a suit, who denies the existence of white privilege, has said that First Nations protestors should be able to be sued, and told women that what lies between their career goals and certain success was an inability to play golf? 

Or, do you want this:

For me, what’s important is that when you mark your ballot, you don’t do it out of fear– you do it out of conviction and with a clean heart. Please vote, too. New Canadians can’t and voting is a great luxury. Do it.

Be brave, Toronto.

Be gangster angels.

Vote with your heart.


PS: Please feel free to contribute to the unscientific poll included above.


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