Smackupsidethehead Sunday! / Uncategorized


In which Yeesus (and I don’t even think that is his real name) needs sensitivity training.

I would also like to point out that Mr Kanye himself has Epilepsy, which he has tried to hide from the public. That’s totes his business, beloveds– because how we deal with our crip awesomeness is our business– I choose to be out with mine, but not everyone’s there yet. And that is totally cool. Even though I want to sort of kind of, well, okay actually just once smack Kanye West upside the head and knock some better sense into him, what he tells people about his disability is entirely his business.


Members of oppressed groups can totes be oppressive, even to members of their own group. I could go into a long rant with a bunch of words, but it’s Sunday today so let’s just leave it there.

I’m sorry for Mr. Yeesus. I wish he could get a bit of sense. Back in the day “Jesus Walks” was totes mah jam.

Until later, mon amours de mon couer,
Dr. Prof LPB

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