Smackupsidethehead! Sunday

Good Sunday to you, beloveds,

First of all, a very special smackupsidethehead! to whatever civic genius thought it would be a good idea to shut down seemingly every north/southbound street in the Toronto AND  the subway south of Bloor on a super busy summer weekend.  BOOOM! to you, whoever you are.  I choose to always blame Rob Ford, who would be one of my absolute favourite persons to smackupsidethehead!

Seriously, this dude is heteromandudebulletproof, and I have had it.  He is Toronto’s largest embarrassment, and one of the finest examples of the international press we do NOT want to get.  Here are some of his latest shenanigans. Open statement to Rob Ford and anybody who loves him (there must be somebody, right?).  For the love of god do one of two things: get help or stay the fuck home to get hammered like a lot of other good people do. This behaviour exhibits A: a man who is completely out of control and B: a man who knows he can get away (perhaps literally) with murder and still be untouchable.  So, I also want to smackupsidethehead! the law that doesn’t allow for a vote of no confidence for a mayor.  Seriously.

I leave you with a news-report reenactment of how it will go down the day your professor finally snaps and gives people actual instead of wordy-word smackupsidethehead!s

In seriously, from a place of love, smackitude,

Professor LPB

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