Feminism is for Everybody Friday

Good morning, beloveds,

Today we are going to talk about bodies.  I have one, you have one, hell. . . nearly every human has one.

This year, in the frozen tundra of T.O. where I usually ride a polar bear to my work igloo from my home igloo, it has been hot.  Like, crazy hot.  Also, your professor is a ladyperson of a certain age and voluptuousness, is on all kinds of marvellous medications and has conditions and whatnot, so she gets extra hot.  So, this hotty hot summer has put her on bra strike.  Also, she has been in a never-ending quest to leave the house as naked as possible without risking arrest.

OOOOOOOH, girl, has this been an eye opening experience into what happens when a ladyperson who lives in a body goes outside.  I have been tutted at by old ladies, leered at by mandudes, and told I looked good “in that dress” a bit too much.  This has driven the point home that a ladyperson with a body is constantly policed by the world when she doesn’t meticulously cover that body just so.  The plain fact is that a great deal of heteromandudes think that a ladyperson who is outside is on display just for their particular enjoyment.  I call bullshit.

Here are just a few ways that my body has been policed by heteromandudes in the past:

While at the gym, attempting to get HUUUUUUUGE I was told by a dude that “don’t work your lats, that’s not attractive on a woman.”  To which I wish I would have replied: “but if I don’t work my lats, I cannot punch you in the kidneys with the proper amount of force to drop you like a rock.”

While at the bus stop, “You are looking good in that dress today.”  To which I DID  reply “do I know you? did I ask you?” and then I was told “you don’t have to be a bitch about it.”  I should add  that on that day it was over 40 degrees out of doors and I was delirious with the heat.

So, for the heteromandudes, here is a handy dandy list:

If you see a ladyperson who is out of doors, she is not there for your enjoyment.

If you feel the desire to police a woman’s body, don’t.  Just don’t.  STFU. For the love of everything.

In my body is mineness,

Professor LPB

One thought on “Feminism is for Everybody Friday

  1. I don’t agree with much of this, and I’m not sure why. I think that freedom of speech is more important than freedom from rudeness; but of course this is about rudeness. But it is about deeper issues too. For instance the completely sick sexuality of our society. Both men and women are harmed by our upbringings and social “morality”. We should all be able to go naked without fear of harassment or censure. But the relations and roles of the genders are so screwed up that well meaning men and women have very strange understandings of good ways to communicate. I partly blame Freud, who claimed that childhood exposure to sexuality was the cause of all of our problems. Hence children are officially shielded from sexuality while at the same time receiving the predjudices loud and clear. And yet we have to acknowlege that he had to battle the heritage of millennia of religious mindfucks. I don’t know how men should act if they want to pay somebody a compliment in the circumstances you describe, but I wish we could all act in a manner that comes from happiness in each other’s existence and pleasure in adding to it for each other.

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