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What?! Wednesday

Hey beloveds,

Yeah, I know.  Your professor has been busy living her life instead of chronicling it.  So sue him.

But seriously, people, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING FUCK?

A lot of shit has been going down lately.  Cops are out of control (don’t watch these videos if you don’t have a Xanax handy)lately, and our rights there they go. . .right out the door.  Le grande sigh.  Meanwhile, courts are declaring people who admittedly kill a kid innocent due to the laws that are super fucked up.

So, this summer has been the summer of me sort of quitting everything about every two weeks.  Because, a professor is tired, beloveds.  But, she is digging in, because she is also a badass.  I am kind of starting to want to make this my new life work:



Until soon,

with love, etc,

Professor LPB

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