Put it in your Mouth Monday!

Hey beloveds,

So, how are you doing? It’s been a while. . .hey, you look great. . .have you been working out.  I have, well, in between fabulously crip flares of fatigue and writing like the crazy person I am.

I have returned to share a few revelations with you. I will make this short and sweet. I’ve been trying to be thrifty-nifty due to being fabulously over-educated and underemployed.  Higher Education! GLAMOUR!

So, in the interest of putting stuff in your mouth that tastes yummy and has protein and chocolate (how can you go wrong). Here are a few links to my new favourite recipes/recipe sites.  First off are some summer yum peanut butter chocolate chip quinoa cookies.  You can eat them for breakfast and feel all virtuous. Although you shouldn’t attach things like “good” or “bad” to your food.  If you like it, you should eat it and stuff. Also, the name of the site is purty awesomesauce.


Recipe the second is a revelation, beloveds.  Stay with me and just try it.  Chocolate. Hummus.  You heard me.  Put it in your mouths!


make the sriracha one, too.  Because, sriracha!

hugs and kisses on all of you,



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