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Terrific Tuesdays

Man o maney man man, beloveds. . .

It seems as if it’s getting harder and harder to find niceness, let alone terrificness in the world as of late.

Innocents are slaughtered, either by lone gunmen or drone strikes.  Workers in Pakistan who were trying to increase vaccinations against motherfucking polio were shot and killed yesterday. There were more gun deaths in Chicago this year than there were American soldiers killed in Afghanistan.  The world is full– full to the gills– with terrible.  It’s enough to make your professor want to hang up her riding crop and curl up in a fetal position and never emerge except to eat a little ice cream from time to time.

But here is the thing, beloveds.   I won’t do that.  I still believe, I have to believe, that human beings have more capacity for love than for hate.  Simple kindnesses are more powerful than giant evils.  Maybe you think your professor is being naive, or hopelessly, ridiculously out of touch.  I am not being out of touch or naive, though. I once read the story of a suicide attempt survivor (she had jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge) who said that on her walk to end her life she told herself that if even one person looked at her and smiled, she would not jump.  Think about that for just a minute.

The other day, your professor was having a bad, bad day.  She felt like a motherless child and she felt ugly and pointless.  Then she happened upon a person she knows only marginally.  It is this person’s policy to greet everyone with a hug, and his hugs are seriously a-grade high quality heart hugs. I was amazed at how that simple act of human connection made me fill up with hope and faith and a bit of humanity.  Just a hug. On a streetcar. From a beautiful fellow soul.

So, beloveds, try to spread love in the world.  Give a stranger a little light.  Give a friend a hug.  Get angry enough at injustice and hatred that you practice revolutionary acts of neighbour love.  Open your hearts, beloveds.  Be radical little love machines, meeting injustice and hate with love and love and light.

Goodness is stronger than evil, love is stronger than hate.  Victory is ours.

In love and light,

Prof. LPB


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