Put it in Your Mouth Monday

Put it in Yo Mouth Monday!

Hello beloveds!

I missed you, one and all on yet another lazy-atus.

But, it’s the holidays and there are gatherings to be had and stockings to be stuffed and whatnots.  So, here are a couple of recipes to warm you up:


This is a traditional Swedish mulled and fortified wine that will warm you up, and –if you go to far– will turn you into a viking beserker for about two minutes before you drift off into a blissful sleep and there are visions of sugarplums or whatehaveyou in your little noggins.

I give you this recipe in ratio form, because that is how bartenders roll.  Or ex-bartenders. You can take the professor out of the bar, but. . .oh you get the point. . .

4 parts red wine (Don’t spend all your allowance here.  We are seriously doctoring this wine.  Buy a box.  Nobody’s watching.)

1 part spirit of your choice.  If you can find Acquavit, a Scandinavian liqueur, use it.  If not, some vodka or some grand marnier or what have you.  Don’t use like a mint schnapps or anything gross like that.  The more “neutral” your spirit is, the better.

1 part red port. Do it.

Now, here’s where things get mully:

6-8 cardamom pods

3 cinnamon sticks

some cloves

some raisins

some almonds

Now, put all of this into a non-reactive pot or even better your crockpot.  Heat on the absolute lowest heat for at least three hours.  Longer is better, and your house will smell like magic.

And, for my beloveds who are not drinkers:

Take a giant bottle of apple cider, mix in the same spices and mull away.  Your house will still smell like magic and you won’t need to nap quite so much.

Merry Christmas, my little vikings!.

lagga den i munnen,

and God Jul,

Prof LPB, ladyviking





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