What?! Wednesday

What?! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday beloveds,

I hope you are all sleeping off your “ding dong! Rob Ford isn’t out mayor anymore maybe probably” hangovers, and feel all better now.

Because, I am afraid I’m about to make you feel worse.  Much, much, much worse.  Remember Trayvon Martin? He was essentially shot dead for being in the “wrong” (his) neighbourhood and wearing a hoodie.  It’s the kind of racist shit that makes your professor barf.  It’s the not-so-subtle racism that allows judges to think “Oh, he must have been doing something wrong.  He was wearing a motherfucking hoodie.” For the record, I wear hoodies all the time, even black hoodies (notoriously the most ominous ones) and no one has ever shot me.  Nobody shoots a hoodie, they shoot a person.  Most likely a person who is darker than they are.

There have been a rash of over the top gun crimes lately.  Consider the case of a man (and I use the term very loosely) who shot a  couple in front of their children. What provoked this senseless shooting? The murdered man asked a man who was shooting his guns in his yard to stop shooting them.  He didn’t.  He murdered the father, and then when the children ran to get their mother, he shot her, too.  Unlike the Martin case, the man has been charged with double homicide.  And, unlike the Martin case, it’s flying way under the radar.  Or, consider this case, in which a dude emptied his chamber into a young man.  The dude’s lawyer is claiming “self defense” and that her client “acted in self defense”.  I call bullshit, beloveds.  It’s hard to be truly defensive when your victim is in the backseat of a car, not armed and you empty your fucking clip in him and then flee the scene.

I am sick and fucking tired of this, beloveds.  This is racially motivated violence, and it is indicative of a gun-owning population that has declared it open season on their fellow humans.  Seriously, WHAT THE FUCK HUMANS? Is rage so thick that music played too loudly, buying a pack of skittles, wearing a hoody, or having the temerity to ask you to stop shooting your guns off in range of young children grounds for murder shrouded in a “self-defense” bullshit legal case?

Rise up, beloveds.  Fight this kind of crime in your corners of the world.  Demand justice for victims of gun violence, demand tighter gun control laws, demand, demand, demand that people don’t murder other people.


It’s days like this that it is hard to not quit everything.

Days when we have to remember that goodness is stronger than evil, and love is stronger than hate.

It is, beloveds, it has to be,

Not quitting loving for nothing,

Prof. LPB


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