Sexytime Saturday

Sexytime Saturday

Attention beloveds!

I am about to hip you to some seriously sexy musictimes.

Last night your professor had her little massive mind blown by the fine gentlemen of the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble.  It was a performance full of unbelievable energy and virtuosity. Many, many times during their show I had the thought “that must have been their closer.  How could they possibly go any further?” and then, further.  Melding a brass ensemble of juicy Gil Evan’s-esque harmonies, intense rhythmic drive (fueled by the low brass and their drummer, a very, very bad man), and an intuitive musical deep-down togetherness that could only come from being brothers (and I mean actual brothers, raised and musically educated at the knee of the esteemed Professor Philip Cohran–who played with the esteemed Professor Sun Ra in the 1950s– with, according to their bio, a very healthy hip-hop-under-the-covers-education).

Well, just listen for yourself:

It’s the sort of juicy, juicy tightness that makes your earholes buzz and your ass tingle.  Delicious and nutritious to feed up your musical souls, beloveds.

Until tomorrow,

In deep deep groovey timey virtuosity,

Prof LPB

Special bonus Sun Ra Arkestra full-length Saturday matinee clicky:







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