Feminism For Everybody Friday

Feminism For Everybody Friday

Good morning and happy Friday, beloveds,

If you’re American, please stay home and eat leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches.  If you’re Canadian, well, happy normal Friday to you, it’s almost the weekend.

Today we are once again going to talk about rape culture.  Someday, when we have finally burnt the patriarchy down and are make s’mores over its embers, we will talk about something nice on Fridays, but until then I am going to be mad as hell at things.

Specifically today, we are talking about sexual assault, and how it is reported by a certain large English speaking Canadian university.  Once upon a time, there was a sex assault on this campus, and it was reported as “unwanted touching”.  No description of a suspect, no exact nature or location of the assault, no other mention. . .not to mention the fact that “unwanted touching” is a bullshit descriptor.  If anyone had been non-sexually assaulted you can bet your bottom 77cents on the dollar that it wouldn’t have been reported this way.

Recently, on the exact same large English speaking Canadian university’s campus, a robbery occured.  It involved petty larceny and a knife.  It was perpetrated by two assailants, who were dark skinned and wearing hoodies.  How does your professor know this, exactly?  Because the large English speaking Canadian university issued an email bulletin that gave all the details of the incident.  This contrasts with incidents a few years back in said university’s library, wherein four separate sexual assaults occurred before any information was given at all.

And, lest my beloveds think that I’m picking on one particular large English speaking Canadian university*, consider this. Or this.  Or this.  Rape, as reported, is the number one crime occurring on college campus.  Given the idea that at least half of all rapes are never reported, this means that the situation is even worse than this statistic.  I would encourage all of my beloveds that are active in education to fight to change this.  Education of college-aged men is necessary.  Stop the cycle of victim-blaming, and point it out when it occurs.  Burn down the culture that covers up rapes and reports robberies in details.

Until tomorrow,

In rageness,

Prof LPB

*I am, I pretty much am.


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