Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesdays

Good morning, beloveds!

Today is a crisp fall day in the GTA.  Actually, it’s gone a bit beyond crisp into “my nipples are freezing off”, but. . .whatareyougonnado?

So many things are terrific at this time of year, when Professors are being crushed under the sudden reality of a million undergraduate essay exams to grade, and laugh-crying inside when they talk to their supervisors and editors about chapter deadlines.  Oh, deadlines, you are hilarious!  I snap my riding crop at you, you saucy little deadline minxes.

So, what to recommend to you today?  Today we have a theme: hibernation equipment! Now would that all my little beloveds were adorable baby bears who could come and curl up in a warm cave and sleep until March and awake to a finished-by-the-gremlins draft and crocuses peeking through, but. . .we can’t.

Instead, get yourself a blankie.  A snugglie warm blankie that feels like everything nice and kittens and puppies and unicorns with rainbows.  Get under it.  Do it.

But before you do, make yourself something delicious and hot to drink.  Delicious.  and Hot.  Like a mexican hot chocolate or a delightful rooibos chai or whatever gets ya.

Now, you will need some entertainment. I recommend a series of books like the Sookie Stackhouse novels by Charlene Harris, or a TV show with lots of seasons you have never watched. Make them trashy, because it’s winter and ain’t nobody gonna come over to your house and watch you.  It’s fucking freezing outside, so bundle up and go crazy.

Now, you are going to feel cray cray by February, so my beloveds might also want to stock up on a Vitamin D supplement and remember to take it so the long dark winter of the soul doesn’t come for you.  Also, remember to sometimes emerge from the blanket and go be with other humans.  It’s good for ya.

Until tomorrow,

In snuggly hibernationness,

Professor LPB


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