Feminism For Everybody Friday

Feminism For Everybody Friday

Happy thank goddess it’s Friday, beloveds,

Your professor has felt quite celebratory as of late.  After nearly losing her mind and working herself up into a frothy lather over Tuesday’s United States American election, she has celebrated amply and is now quietly reflecting on what a great many Americans prioritized this time around.

Also, she found this image at this pretty damn cool artist’s blog.  It’s pretty much the closest you could come to punching the patriarchy in the nose:

The stars aligned, beloveds, and the vagina dentata that is American womanhood woke up, class.  Akin?  Gone. Mourdock? Gone. An openly lesbian senator? Yep.  A delegation from New Hampshire that is entirely womenpeople? Done and done, with a side of tea-party-incumbent-defeating Elizabeth Warren to top us off.

A rare emotion has been stirring up in your Professor’s cynical heart.  It’s hope, beloveds, hope. Maybe, just maybe, the majority of folks in the United States Americas don’t think that it is time for oppression any more.  Maybe, just maybe women got angry, and people who love women got angry, and people who cannot brook hate and intolerance and ignorance and bigotry, and all of those people said “Basta!”—Enough!  This is my hope, beloveds, from deep in the warm little cockle corners of my heart, wherever the hell those are.

But now hear this, beloveds, I’m not standing down.  I am staying righteously angry because we have more work to do.  We have to, once and for all, start fighting like wild ladypeople beasts to restore and protect our reproductive rights.  We must protest when any woman is belittled, and speak up when we witness micro-aggression. I take every little step towards power as a good sign, but I am still watching you, patriarchy.

I am watching you like a glamorous, glamorous hawk.  I will burn you the hell down, patriarchy, just you wait.

Until next time,

In glamorous hawkitude,

Prof. LPB


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