Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesdays

Greetings my beloved beloveds,

Your esteemed professor is once again typing from her snuggly sick bed and wondering if she needs a doctor or an exorcist.  Oh the coughing is soooooooo not terrific, internets.

However, what your professor believes is terrific is voting.*


Please for the love of all that is nice, get out and VOTE.  Drive your sweet little old lady neighbour to the polls, and bring your iPhone or whathaveyou into the booth and create a video record of yourself casting your vote, because shit will go down.  Your professor (who holds a U.S. American passport) voted in Florida in 1996 and in Ohio in 2000.  Shit went down.  People waited in line in the rain for hours, people were turned back by roadblocks in African American neighbourhoods, and the attempts at suppression were DElicious. I won’t even say who I think you should vote for, because I have made that perfectly clear.

People who came before you fought hard for the right to vote.  Ladypeople were arrested and force fed and beaten down, but they kept marching.  During the civil rights movement, people were killed for the simple act of registering voters.  Don’t let their suffering go in vain.

Until tomorrow,

In faith in democracy as a means of burning shit down,

Professor LPB



*Sorry, my Canadian beloveds, I’m gonna talk to the United States Americans today.


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