Put it in Your Mouth Monday

Put it in Your Mouth Monday

Hello beloveds,

I type this to you from my sicky sick sick bed.  The professor has been colonized by a virus.  This virus is evil and stupid, and not good for any kind of funtimes.  Sometimes, when your Professor can’t go and explore her beloved city, she likes to fantasize about eating her way around a neighbourhood.  Inspired by recent jaunts and discoveries with several of her esteemed colleagues, here is a guide for GTAers or more accurately T.O.ers who live in the 416 like nature intended us to and love their city enough to eat their way through a part of it.

We begin with dessert, because one should.  When one plans on an indulgey sort of walkaround, start with a sweet in order to get supercharged.  Our trip today begins at King and Spadina, at the chocolate place to end all: SomT. I am particularly fond of the olive oil filled chocolates or the drinking chocolates.  Get a teeny bit of the supreme goodness, enjoy the warmth and then bundle up and start walking.  Walk North.  Uphill, or in the opposite direction of the tower.* You will walk for a bit, or if you like, you can get on a the Spadina Bus (for now until the streetcar gets fixed). The Spadina Bus is so magical that there is a song about it:

Look for a Red Sign, which may be slightly hidden in a sea of Red signs, that has some Chinese Writing on it.  Ha Ha. . .your Professor had played a little joke on you. . .because you are in Chinatown and this is the description of nearly 40% of the signs.  Some of them are yellow or green. Stop when you get to Mother’s Dumplings.

Go inside of Mother’s Dumplings and let the steam and warmth hit you up.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, steam and warmth.  Now order up some treats for yourself.  Don’t be shy, they are all good and will leave you all filled up with pork and dill or whatever your fancy is. Have some lovely jasmine tea and then bundle up and go back outside.

Now we will travel up Spadina, over to college and go to College and Augusta, into what your Professor thinks is the most magical place on earth: Kensington Market. 

In Kensington Market, you have more choices of where to eat.  Try them all.  For sure stop into Wanda’s and have yourself a treat.  My current favourite treat is their cinnamon roll, which is so good that you need to find a new name for them, like cinnamon gooey nutty buttery awesomeness rolls, or something.  I always think that one should bookend a good meal with two sweets, and think that sometimes you should do this, beloveds.  Life is short so make it awesomer.

Walk around until you’re hungry again.  And then put something in your mouth, beloveds.

Until tomorrow when sweetbabyjesusitiselectiondayandtheprofessorwillbefreakingtheeffout,

Professor LPB

*I want everyone to come and be a tourist in T.O. if they don’t already live here.


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