Sexytime Saturday

Sexytime Saturday

Awwwwwwwyeah, beloveds. . .

We made it through another week.  And it was a pretty shitty one, natch? I mean superstorms and power outages and more bullshit in the world than you can shake a super duper big stick or riding crop at.

So, when the world is getting your professor down, beloveds. . .the Professor likes to shake what her momma gave her, and there’s nothing better for it than a little Latin Soul Boogaloo Cha Cha Salsa Breakdown. . .si, mi amores, si. . .

So without further ado, here’s you sexy, sexy Latin playlist for your own personal dance party horizontal or otherwise:

First up a super sexy slow chacha.  If you haven’t heard Omara Portuondo, you should, oh beloveds, you should.

Lots and lots of people have recorded the standard “Dos Gardenias”, but for pure azucar juiciness, you cannot beat this one: when it breaks into a super slow salsa, I want to dance nekkid in the light of the moon.  Someday your professor will get arrested for the indecent, but not today.

Sometimes you want to get your sexy ass instrumental grooove on. In that case, please consider this suggestion from the illustrious Professor Mandude who collaborated on this special sexytimes Saturday playlist.

Or how abouts a blissfully perfect horn section and a marvelous freakout ending? Ignore the comic sans in the video, I know it can be a real sahara-maker.

In conclusion, your professor recommends you dance as much as you can. Horizontally or otherwise.

Until next time,

In salsa-ey goodness,

Professor LPB


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