Feminism For Everybody Friday

Feminism For Everybody Friday

Greetings to all my beloveds,

It’s Friday and that alone gives your professor a special feeling in her tenders.  Also, it’s time for a good ole fashioned feminist throwdown.  Who will go down with your professor today?  I wonder.

It’s gonna be princesses, beloveds.  Princesses. All further complicated by the fact that Disney just bought the entire world view of my childhood, Star Wars.  By now you may have realized that your professor is a super-ultra-glam-geek-goddess who has nothing at all against a pretty dress and adores shiny, shiny things.  (ooooh. . .look tinfoil) But, your professor has realized the Important Knowledge that a princess can also be a motherfuckingbadass.  I recently bought these for a very special tiny badass and I rarely product place but if you know a tinylittleladypersonbadass, maybe you could buy her some.  Because the Disney industrial complex is working hard to make young womenz and grrrrlz believe that they can be saved, and the most important things in life are pretty pretty dresses and shiny things.  They’re important, and if they trip your trigger I say go for it, but they are not just for girlz, and they don’t solve any problems.  I worry for a generation of girls (who are already turning into womenladypeople) who were raised on the idea that a Barbie dream castle would make them happy, and then they marry their rich-ass mandude prince and think “is that all there is” and get real mad and be shitty to their nannies and maids.

I think it’s the duty of all the ladyperson and mandude badasses to queer this princess shit the fuck up.  How do we do this, beloveds? We buy “girl” shit for boys, we allow our little girls to wear their pretty dresses if they want, or we be like this awesome dad who pretty much wins at parenting forever and ever.

Until tomorrow (a supersexytimesaturdayplaylistiscomingforyou),

In princessbadasseryandsparkles,

Professor LPB

taken from “Feminist Disney” a website ya’ll should visit.


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