Smackupsidethehead Sunday!

Smackupsidethehead Sunday!

Good morning and happy Sunday, beloveds, Today we have an assortment of smackage up on deck for you.  Your professor, as some might know, is a disabled individual.  That’s a crazy loaded term, “disabled” because a lot of so-called “normals” have all kinds of ideas and opinions about what “disability” means.  First of all, every … Continue reading

Feminism For Everybody Friday

Feminism For Everybody Friday

Good morning and happy Friday, beloveds, If you’re American, please stay home and eat leftover turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches.  If you’re Canadian, well, happy normal Friday to you, it’s almost the weekend. Today we are once again going to talk about rape culture.  Someday, when we have finally burnt the patriarchy down and are … Continue reading

Theory Thursday

Theory Thursdays

Hello beloveds, How I have missed you, every one, during my brief sabbatical during which I have been coughing and dissertating.  Home stretch, beloveds, home stretch. Today I am talking about a theory that is non-intellectual in nature, my own personal theory of gratitude.  Today is American Thanksgiving.  I always think about genocide and colonialism … Continue reading

Put it in Your Mouth Monday

Put it in Your Mouth Monday

Happy Monday, my beloveds! Well, yes, so sue your professor.* She missed you this weekend, but sunshine, farm animals, and a snuggly sofa beckoned.  Hopefully you thought good and hard about who you would smackupsidethehead or how you would enjoy sexytime Saturday. Today, it’s sort of a two-fer.  Since Professor President Barack Obama was re-elected … Continue reading