Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesdays

Good morning beloveds,

I hope you all have made or are making it through the storm.  Remember that it is niceness to hold your head up high when you walk through a storm. Also, all big up and power to the fine union thug workers of NYC’s MTA, because they have a mess to clean up.  But, they are mother fucking union thug New Yorkers, so they are gonna get. it. done.  They will turn this mother out.

It is terrific to vote early.  If you are an American beloved, be sure you do this. Do it now, that way if they try to screw with you (and they will) at the polls, you have time to get all your proper papers and documents together so that you can vote in this fascist plutocracy fine democratic nation wherein your voice still matters.

I am late to this terrificness party, but here are a few other things to get you through winter, which is coming.* Do you have netflix or mad internet piracy skillz? Then you should watch the BBC show called Jekkyl because, well, goddam that is some mighty fine acting that James Nesbitt is throwing down.  Seriously, watch it.  Also, if you haven’t also watched the superfine BBC version of Sherlock, ohmygodwhatiswrongwithyouitissofuckingawesome.

Now, one more thing that is terrific:

Until next time,

In soggy soggy survivor love,




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