Smackupsidethehead Sunday!

Smackupsidethehead Sunday!

Happy Sunday, beloveds!

This week, I am going to line up a bunch of folks and slap them all at once.  Because your professor is more than a little bit sick of rape culture.  Have you noticed? It seems that some politicians have become obsessed with rape. Here’s a handy guide, courtesy of the Professors at the Huffington Post:

Enraged yet?  Good.  There’s a volume II, and a volume III coming soon.  I have to quote Professor Tina Fey, who this week made the following statement:

“And if I have to listen to one more grey-faced man with a $2 haircut explain to me what rape is, I’m going to lose my mind.”

This is pretty much where your Professor is at right now, beloveds.  She’s ready to start a vagilante justice league of the Earth and just go around knocking the crap out of rapists.  Here’s another thing your professor wishes she had the time/money/energy to do: investigate the shit out of the past of the men who are making these horrible, horrible statements. Your professor has a theory. Remember back when how right now all those senators were really, really anti-gay? Do you also remember how they got caught  with a male prostitute, or soliciting sex in a public washroom, etc? I am convinced that these rape apologist assholes aren’t just rape apologists.  I’m convinced that if they think making statements like this are acceptable, they think that “certain kinds” of rape are also A-okay.  Which means they think that all kinds of rape are okay, because in reality there is only one kind of rape.  It is, as Professor Barack Obama recently stated “a crime”.  It’s not about sex, it is about violence and control.  Make no mistake, beloveds, these men. hate. women.

Rape apologists are rape accomplices.

Until tomorrow, which we return to pleasantries,

Yours in rage,



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