Put it in Your Mouth Monday

Put it in Your Mouth Monday

Greetings and happy Monday, beautiful beloveds!

Today your professor has decided to share a few of her favourite cooking websites with ya’ll.  She realizes that after all the heavy talk of the debates and desire to snap her riding crop at someone, it is important to put good food in your body.  We’ll be looking at a few guest Professors who woman some of your professor’s most relied upon food porn websites.

First up, is the queen of food porn (her lavish step by step instruction photos will make you tingle in your tastebuds) The Pioneer Woman.  As your professor is a delicate lotus flower who needs her protein, she enjoys new and interesting ways to prepare meat.  So, sue her.  This website has very few veg friendly recipes, so be warned! I’ll start you with a recipe for my favourite salad.  With steak.  Really, though, you should make yourself up a cup of lovely tea and then settle in with this website for the rest of the day.  It’s all good, some of it is unashamedly church-basementy and your professor has never once trusted one of these recipes and not heard from the guests experiencing her delightfully eccentric southern hospitality “Oh dear God, please give me more of this to put in my mouth”*

Would you like to learn how to make some of the most amazing desserts ever that consist primarily of nutritious food? Of course you would. Would you like to learn how to make a dairy free chocolate cake that will knock your adorable little socks off? Do it.

While you’re at it, you should eat some more salad to compensate for the chocolate cake you just shoved in your face. Be a dove and put this dressing on it.  You won’t be sorry.

And now beloveds, I leave you to some quiet private time with the food porn.

In foodiness,




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