Smackupsidethehead Sunday!

Smackupsidethehead Sunday!

Oh, my beloveds, what a week it’s been.  So many candidates for the smack this week.  More senators are saying horrific things, presidential candidates are just completely missing the fucking point about pay equality and, well, Paul Ryan said this:

‘Now, it’s a ‘War on Women.’  Tomorrow, it’s going to be a ‘War on Left-Handed Irishmen’ or something like that.”

Your professor just doesn’t even have the words any more. Oh, wait.  Whatthefuckingfuckyoufuckingfuck? First of all, the sensitivity is just so deliciously absent here.  I don’t know Ryan’s heritage*, but perhaps he should read a history book.  There once was a very serious “war on Irishmen” in the states.  There were riots and violence and everything.

Mostly, though, your professor’s riding crop is twitching for a full on use upside this guy’s head.  Don’t tell me that you don’t respect me as an individual enough to think that equal pay is important, or try to restrict my access to birth control, or intimate that I don’t have the wherewithall to make a choice of any sort and so need to be governed and then try to tell me you haven’t declared war on me.

Also, this:

This alone just makes me want to smack him.


a staged photo of him “washing dishes” at a soup kitchen.

Also, I’ve just been itching to smack this guy since he said that he ran a marathon in under three hours, which was a dirty dog lie.

Also, also Ayn Rand.  You can’t call yourself a Christian and a follower of the philosophies of Ayn Rand.  The two are completely exclusionary of each other.  If that evil crone was still alive, I would find her, no matter where she was, and I would smackherupsidethehead, too.

Until tomorrow, when we once again return to love and light,

In smackiness, mwah!


*I have a suspicion that he is Neptunian, or a robot living among us.


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