Sexytime Saturday

Sexytime Saturday

Happiest of Saturdays to you, beloveds!

It being sexytimes Saturday, today your professor wishes to talk about sex-positivity. The term “sex-positive” is fairly new to your Professor, discovered  on a visit to Good for Her, which is a really nice store which my GTA beloveds might consider visiting.  They also have an excellent website and offer workshops.  Good for Her is the absolute epitome of what nice is.

Our modern futuristic society, in which you can picture-phone somebody on your fancy smartphone in the manner that was only envisioned in the films of yore, has some serious issues with sexytimes.  On prime time television in the United States, you’re far more likely to see an act of violence than you are to see a display of sexytimes.  While horrible images of rape and murder are commonplace on your CSIs or your Law and Orders or your whathaveyous, The mere glimpse of Janet Jackson’s breast popping out at the Super Bowl sends everyone into a “THINK OF THE CHILDREN!” tizzy.

Sex is verboten in North America[1].  It’s “dirty”,  it’s not to be spoken of in polite society, and sexual desire is still largely thought of in our times as the domain of men.  To this your professor says, “Stop, it North America, seriously, stop it!”  Ladypeople often shockingly happen to enjoy the sexytimes, consenting adults should be able to enjoy it within their own boundaries of consent, and don’t look now but nearly everybody is doing it. Right now, somewhere on the surface of the earth many people are experiencing the sexytimes, be it with a partner, a little self-love or whatever[2].  Birds do it, bees do it and even educated fleas do it, my pupils.  Long story short, here’s the deal, beloveds, pleasure = good.  Don’t be afraid of it, be positive about it.

Until next time,

Yours in pleasure,


[1] This is due largely to the puritan heritage of the United States.  No, really, people have written books on it.  The puritans are sooooooo 400 years ago, let us move on.

[2] The professor believes that everyone should be theirselves.  Their freaky, freaky selves.


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