What?! Wednesday

What?! Wednesday

Greetings and happy Wednesday, beloveds.

Sometimes your professor comes along something in the newsy-news that makes her speechless. . .in a manner in which the ability to pronounce an entire word is completely lost.  In this case, here usual “WHAT?!” turns into something different in which her mind turns to jello and she is transported to that place way back in her snake brain like when she was four and dropped her ice cream and couldn’t comprehend that the universe could be such a terrible place.  “Whauhhhhhh?!” (half sob/half disbelief).  Nowadays, your professor is much older than four and has plenty of words to throw around. Even with such a large and zesty vocabulary, it is with great trepidation that I bring you the following:

Apparently, at a pep rally in the United States of America quite recently, three students performed some sort of sketch, in which they all three put on blackface and re-enacted the severe pre-Grammy beating perpetrated by Chris Brown on Rihanna.  I’ll just wait here for a moment and let this sink in for you. . .one of my fellow colleagues– and a very respected professor in her own right– recently coined the term “Rage-barf”.  This is a “rage-barfing” inducement if ever there has been one.  So, so, so many whats?! here.

What the fuck!? No, seriously, what the fuck. . .how in the hell does anyone, anywhere think this is OK?  Apparently, all of the skits had been pre-approved by some sort of administrator or teacher type.  WHAT!? How? How does anyone think this is even remotely okay? This is exactly the sort of problem with the world that makes your professor mix bourbon with her tears.

Why? What was the point of this “performance”?  Apparently, to be funny.  The whole thing was part of a popularity contest of some sort. Yep, let that sink in and feel the rage-barfy induction bubble up inside ya.  Not only does a group of teenagers think this is “funny”, but they think it will make them popular.  That is some serious through the looking glass rape culture shit right there.  Whua?

How? How is it that a gym full of people watched this and no one stopped it.  Your professor learned in her surly high school days about “in loco parentis” and how free speech laws don’t entirely apply in high school.  Your professor is more baffled and saddened by the fact that no one stopped this madness.  I’ve only seen a still photo of the incident, and it was so troubling that I felt unwell.  Where was the teacher with a conscience to say “this is not okay.”

It’s time, beloveds.  It’s time that a serious plan for education of our children on what nice is goes into effect.  Here’s lesson one Abuse + racism + motherfucking blackface = very, very, very not funny. Lesson two can consist of a smackupsidethehead, if necessary–but just make sure it’s to the parents, communities, teachers, and administrators who allow this to go on.

In baffled rage-barfness and whatness,


I need to purge my brain with some Samuel L. Jackson now (warning: NSFW, Samuel L. Jackson)


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