Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesdays

Happy Tuesday, beloveds!

Today on terrific Tuesday we shall talk about fall, which is your professor’s favourite season.  You get all the delicious changeyness of spring, without all the slush.  I know some of my beloveds are thinking “ugh. fall. that means winter is coming”.* To this I say, nay nay! So, without any further ado for rumination, here are some of the best things about fall:

1. The crunchy leaves which are everywhere.  You can run through them and they make this delightful sound that only fall leaves can make.  It’s crunchy and swishy and all around wonderful.  One should never hesitate to run through them and see them billowy scatter in a magnificent fashion.  “But, Professor, my lawn has leaves all over it, and I must rake them and that sucks!” you might be thinking.  To which your professor replies firmly that you should have thought about that as a consequence of heteronormative property ownership in the suburbs or wherever.  Your professor is a firm believer in renting the place she rests her stunning ass.

2. Masala Chai.  I never enjoy this spicy sweet beverage more than I do in the falltimes.  Go to an Indian restaurant and order yourself up some.  Or, go to your corporate overlord coffee shop and order a moderately successful imitation of said Masala Chai.  Drink it up!  Yum.

3. Blusteriness = maximum hibernation potential.  Your beloved professor believes that a nap is good for what ails you.  Nothing is nicer than an afternoon laydown, especially when you have something you “should” be working on, in the manner of grading papers or editing your writing or going to your so-called “job”.  Snuggle up in a comfy position, and let the lullaby of the wind and the crunchity leaves lull you into a blissful power nap.

4. An endless supply of costume dramas from the BBC all over the internets.  Did you know there is a re-boot of “Upstairs, Downstairs”?  I know, right?!  The special bonus of these (besides the obvious pretty dresses factor) is that you can doze right through several hours of them and still know what’s going on.  The Dowager Duchess or other matriarch-type character is still crotchety, eccentric and has a rapier wit, the roue cad of a second son is still being a dick, and the ladyperson heroine is still wearing her pretty dresses and moaning about how the dominant paradigm of marriage in olden times is ridick.**

5. Winter is coming.*** this means that fall’s extra sunny and unseasonably warm days are an urgent bonus round to outdoor things.  Because once the gales of November come, you are going to be hiding inside and begging the Pizza Pizza driver to come to your front door.  Soak up the free vitamin D while it lasts, beloveds.

Until tomorrow,

In masala chai where are my dragons what’s a weekend? crunchy leaves niceness,



**yes, yes it is. still is.

***nope, still haven’t found them.

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3 thoughts on “Terrific Tuesdays

  1. Masala Chai Recipe (Maharashtra with a dash of Gujarat)

    Makes two cups.

    1 cup water
    1 tsp loose leaf black tea
    1-2 tsp sugar
    1 tsp grated ginger
    pinch of fresh-cracked black pepper
    a few leaves of fresh mint
    1/2 cup milk (or to taste, but it is required) 2% minimum, half and half recommended

    Heat the water on high in a saucepan on the stove. While the water is heating, add all ingredients except the milk. Bring to a boil. Add the milk. Strain into a cup. Drink.

    You’re welcome.

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