Theory Thursday

Theory Thursdays

Good morning beloveds!

Your Professor is fighting the sick, so she gave you no “What?!” Wednesdays this week.  About this she is contrite, but not too. Your professor believes quite strongly that knowing one’s limitations is very nice indeed.

This week’s theory is one that blew your professor’s fragile little mind many moons ago.  Even the name of this school of thought makes your professor’s riding crop tingle in a very special way:  “Phenomenology”. Roll that around in your mouth a few times, beloveds.  See how juicy.  A special bonus is that it reminds your prof of a little thing that never doesn’t put her in a happy place:

Your professor also thinks that it is always nice to not restrict her stream of consciousness pop culturey brain from coming right in and putting its feet up in her brainy brain.  Phenomenology, as well as reminding your prof of this catchy little tune, is the theory that there is no actual “reality” that we can experience, but instead “reality” as we know it consists of our experiences.  That is to say, that our little brains interpret our experiences as our own personal little reality.  Are you magnificent minds blown? Lots of fancy peeps write about phenomenology, Husserl, Merlau-Ponty and Sartre, just to name a few.  Drop the word, your professor’s simplified definition and a few of those names (I vote for Merleau-Ponty and Sartre) at your next departmental cocktail party, and watch everyone get a brain boner over you.  Or get into a fight with a semiotician, which is always fun.  Especially since they tend to slap fight in an amusing fashion.

Until next time,

There is no spoon,


Bonus pop culture clicky o the day:


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