Terrific Tuesdays

Good morning beloveds, I trust that you had a thanksgiving with the proper amount of gratitude and pie.

Today on terrific Tuesday, your professor would like to talk about two actor man dudes who she finds amazeballs.  She will also speak of her favourite performances and hopefully her beloveds will go watch a movie they haven’t seen previously and say “thank you, Professor, I enjoyed that.”

First up is Professor Steve Buscemi.  You may know him from such films as Fargo or Ghost World or TV’s The Sopranos. Are you watching his stunning performance in Boardwalk Empire? No?  NO?!  Oh beloveds, get thee to a media source and watch the shit out of that show.  It’s exciting and violent, well scripted and acted, makes unexpected twists and turns and features some top-notch pretty dresses.  Also, Professor Buscemi is on fire. He plays a badass on this show.  Possibly a corrupt crime-y badass, but your Professor can appreciate badassery in almost all its forms when it comes to fiction.

Second today is Paul Giamatti.  The best compliment I can give to Professor Giamatti is that his mere presence in a film makes the film a better place to be in for a few hours.  Take for example the film Cold Souls. What? You haven’t seen this film?  Go watch it.  Now.  I’ll wait right here.  Also, if you enjoy the acting of Professor Giamatti, watch the miniseries John Adams.

Here’s a true story about your professor and Professor G.  One day your professor was standing at the corner of Bloor and Avenue minding her own business and sucking down an iced latte like the leftist elitist that she is when who should she see standing next to her but Professor G.  You might be thinking, surely our professor was a cool crisp cucumber and said all the right things.  No, beloveds, no.  Your professor essentially lost her shit and said many swears and asked to shake his hand like any other schlub.  In the presence of artistic greatness, it is always a good thing to just plain old lose your cool.  It’s what nice is.

Your bonus round today is a little clicky that contains some moments from Sideways, a very good little film about wine and love and road trips and the like.  Please note that this is not “five seconds” as the title would suggest but “thirty seconds”, which is twenty-five seconds longer than the advertised time.  I hope that my beloveds can forgive me for such a mathematical hiccup.

Until tomorrow,

love, kisses and badassery,



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