Sexytime Saturday

Sexytime Saturday

Happy Saturday, beloveds,

Saturday is a good day to be with your very special companion.  So, today we are going to talk about music for sexytimes. Consider the following my very own mix tape that I made for my beloveds because I have a crush on them.  Hopefully now the entire internets feels a little more loved.  Spreading love is a tip-top example of niceness.

Some music makes you feel very, very good in your bathing suit areas and today I will share some of this music with you.  Your professor is an actual Doctor of Music (ABD), and a Mistress of Music as well, which is why she so often enjoys smacking you with her riding crop. So, here in no particular order of importance, with the exception of the fact that I thought of them first, are my votes for some of the sexy, sexy songs to get you in the mood for companionship or a night alone at home. Also, it should be duly noted that today’s edition of sexy, sexy songs will consist of old-school blues and r&b sexy musics. In the future, we will have lessons in sexy, sexy music of other genres and other eras.  Because, lots of music is sexy. Although not all.  ABBA is most definitely not sexy, for example. Catchy, earwormy juicy juicy finely crafted pop music from my Viking brethren that would be just perfect for a disco dance party on a gloomy Thursday afternoon, yes.  Sexy? Nej.

First off, we have a little song that was written by Willie Dixon. Although Professor Dixon’s version is awesome, your professor thinks that if there’s anything sexier than the greasy introduction to this version by Howlin’ Wolf, she will eat her hat.

Otis, people.  Otis.  Although I love his mind-blowing version of “Try a Little Tenderness”, the ache in this song is pure pathos. Otis, people.  Otis.

Ray Charles.  One of the most passionate singers of the twentieth century. This tunes features Margie Hendricks for a very good portion of the song.  I believe Professor Hendricks couldn’t sit down for days after she made this recording, because she sings her ass right off.

Here’s Aretha Franklin.  Now, beloveds, your professor attempts to remain a super-cool badass all the time, but the day she meets Aretha Franklin is the day that she faints and falls over.  Because, well, dayummm, your professor has never, ever heard another voice that is so goosebumply and tingly.  Now, the brilliant, lovely and talented Carol King wrote this song, and some people really like her version. However, for your professor it’s the exuberant joy that the young Aretha sings this with that gives your professor a very special feeling. Just listen.  I hope all my beloveds can feel like a natural woman someday very, very soon.

Here’s a reader suggestion based on an informal poll, from a beloved who knows what a bathing suit area guitar sound is all about. Listen to this guitar sound, beloveds, just listen to it. It will sting your ass, I tell you.  And don’t even get your Professor started about the horns, because she will fall over writhing and clutching her pearls.

So, we mentioned Otis above, and many think his version of “Try a Little Tenderness” is the definitive one.  I think this is arguable.  However, your professor would propose this version by the late great Solomon Burke for getting shit done.  This big man is going to be tender like a tender Professor of tenderness– allow him to convince you.

Are you convinced?  If you are not, go to the doctor because you. are. dead.

Until next time,

In nighttime natural tenderness with a spoonful of giving it up in these arms of hers,

PLPB, tm, tmi, etc.

Today’s bonus round is a clicky to an excellent article that talks about Howlin’ Wolf, who Bonnie Raitt refers to as “the scariest … bit of male testosterone I’ve ever experienced.” Now, you know your professor well enough to know that she can beat any bit of male testosterone in a death match, but even so, whenever she hears Howlin’ Wolf’s voice,  your professor sort of sits up and says “yes, sir.”  Because it’s the only right answer.



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