Feminism For Everybody Friday

Feminism is for Everybody Friday!

Feminism. Feminism(s).

–the radical notion that women are people.

–Rebecca West, badass.

Happy Friday, beloveds.  Now, I know that most of my beloveds are creative/freelance types so haven’t had a weekend since the late 70s. . .but there’s something about a Friday that still makes my mind grapes feel extra juicy and about to be free.

Since I love Fridays, I have decreed that they consist of my favourite topic to preach about: Feminism.  Here’s the deal, people: feminism fucking rocks!  I know what some of my beloveds might be thinking “but, Professor I am a man dude.  Man dudes cannot be feminist”.  To this the professor gently pats the man dude on the hand and says “There, there man dude. Let me show you the truth”. Or maybe you might say “But Professor. . .I am a super, super femme lady person or lady dude, and I do not agree with feminism because I like crazy sparkly pink things and outrageously high heels. . .and don’t all feminists hate men?”  To this, your Professor will resist the urge to slap one’s hand and will instead hold you to her ample bosom and say “There, there super femme lady person or lady dude, or however you would like to self-identify, you are having the wrong ideas.”

Feminism, my beloveds, is for every body. Also, students, let me assert my firm belief that the world NEEDS feminism in it.  We exist in troubling times, where in the 21st century, a century in which we should be riding around on jetpacks or in flying cars and certainly shouldn’t have to clean our own toilets because of all the robots, shit still sucks for women.  Women still, in the future in which we live, where you can access all the libraries of all the world in a machine that fits in your pocket, are paid less than men for doing the same job.  Somewhere, right this instant, a woman is being raped. Somewhere, right this instant, a rape victim is being shamed and interrogated on a witness stand about what she had been drinking that night, or what he wore to the club.  Somewhere, right this instant, a little girl is getting less attention than her male classmates.  All of this is exceptionally not nice and needs to stop.

So, you ask, how? How do we stop it?  We do one of your Professor’s favourite things.  We BURN IT DOWN.  “Burn it down” is something your professor says when she wants something destroyed in a non-violent way.  Some people call this “smashing the patriarchy”, which is also awesome.  But the chaotic good in me just wants to be able to watch the patriarchy burn in an awesome gigantor bonfire, because bonfires remind me of s’mores. And s’mores are very, very nice.  I would love to eat a giant s’more with a marshmallow in it that I had toasted over the crumbling embers of oppression, wouldn’t you?

So, here on Fridays we will discuss feminism, and why we need it.  And how we can burn it down.

With much love to everybody,

PLPB, self-identified radical femme feminist and burner downer.

Pop culture bonus clicky of the day:

Featuring burning, as well as what I believe to be one of the best film performances of all times!


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