Theory Thursday

Theory Thursdays

Greetings and happy Thursday, beloveds.

Your professor is having an excellent Thursday morning and hopes that you are as well.  Since this is the Free University of Important Knowledge, and your professor, is, well, a professor. . .she has decided to dedicate Thursdays to Theory.  Theory is another word for thinky, thinky, thoughts that usually make you want to barf at academic departmental cocktail parties.  Today we shall discuss art.

Actually, your professor will not discuss art today, because my beloveds have a magnificent guest lecturer today.  I give you Hennessy Youngman aka Henrock Obama aka the Pharoah Hennessy, the king of art theory on the internet.  Warning, Professor Youngman-Obama-Hennesy curses like a motherfucking sailor, so if you’re at “work” put in your headphones.

and here he talks about race and gender and the arts:

So, there you go.  A better introduction to art theory and criticism than most people get in several years of graduate school.

Oh, and speaking of graduate school, here’s a bonus round:

Until tomorrow (our very first “feminism is for everybody friday”).

I remain ever the internets,

PLPB, super genius


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