What?! Wednesday

WHAT?! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, beloveds.

Sometimes, your professor hears something very, very, very not nice.  Because she tries only to use nice words because she is a ladyperson, sometimes the only response your professor has to these very, very, very not nice things is: what?! This what?! Is uttered with a mixture of shock and rage that only very few very, very, very not nice things can inspire in her.

Lately, since she loves the American southland, your professor’s thoughts have been pointing towards the United States Presidential Election, and United States Politics in general.  Recently, some dangerous and outrageously offensive words have been creeping into said politics.  Words like “legitimate” and “forcible”. Your professor will address topics such as these on what she will call “WHAT?! Wednesdays”.

We will not merely address concerns of the political realm, my beloveds.  Because other things happen that make her say “What?!”, and make her wish to dismount from her silky thoroughbred and snap her crop in someone’s general direction. Fashion, pop culture, the beauty industrial complex, and even other important things will be covered on Wednesdays to come.  But not this Wednesday, because your professor is very busy and important and must write other things.

You should also note that you may humbly submit suggestions for What?! Wednesdays to your professor.  You may email her at whatniceis@gmail.com, or speak up in the comments.

Until next time,

Be nice,

Hugs and Kisses,

PLPB, Fyi, pdq, etc.

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