Terrific Tuesdays

Terrific Tuesday!

Hello Beloveds,

Now it is Tuesday.  You may have already noticed that your Professor is nearly enslaved to alliteration.  Today we will begin an exploration of things that are terrific.  First, however, we will have a short conversation about the word terrific.  Did you know, beloveds, that the root word of “terrific” is the word “terror”? It is, beloveds, I mean just look at it.    And “terror” is not what nice is, no, not at all.  Once upon a time, your Professor has heard, the words “horrific” and “terrific” could be used interchangeably.  Then, in 1933, according to a story that may or may not be true (If you are at a cocktail party or companion meetup and tell this story, use the words “possibly apocryphal” instead of “may or may not be true”. This useful suggestion will help you determine if your cocktail party chat-mate or companion meetup is worthy of your attentions*), the movie posters/promos for the film King Kong used the word “terrific”.  Then, fabulous people who I’m sure were all dressed very nicely in their hats and gloves and what have you went to see the film King Kong. Then these swellegant people thought after the movie “Good God and great googley moogely! That movie was amazing!  There was (spoiler alert) a giant ape that picked up that beautiful screamy lady and carried her around, and then (spoiler alert) the giant ape climbed the Empire State Building! Why, I wasn’t terrified at all. . .I was elated!  Therefore, if this movie is “terrific”, I will now use the word “terrific” interchangeably with “amazing, etc.”**

But, I digress.  I will now tell you of a few things that are terrific.  They are culturey-pop-culture things which your professor highly recommends, but only if you’re interested in having your mind blown by awesomeness.

I know that many of my beloveds are obsessed by “Downton Abbey”.  I too, enjoy this television program, because your Professor enjoys intrigue, vintage cars, and pretty dresses.  Perhaps you think “Wow, this show is full of win, and I think it is completely groundbreaking!”  Um, no darling, no.  If you have the netflix, or access to your library, or powers of the internet that may or may not be nice go watch some “Upstairs, Downstairs”.  Your mind will be blown by the following things:

“goodness, these costumes are pretty.”  “wow, this program is dealing with class and deep issues of gender roles from time to time in between its disgustingly catchy yet annoying ‘What are We Going to Do With Uncle Arthur?’opening/closing credit music” “wait a minute, did they just actually have a story line involving a big ship which sank with tremendous drama?” “oooh, they have interesting accents which my North American self finds fascinating and perhaps slightly erotic.”

Yep.  In many ways, “Upstairs, Downstairs” is Downton only better.  In other ways, it suffers a bit from dated-ness, and an occasional bout of “quelle fromage!”. That being said, Winter is coming*** and soon you will be grateful to have sixty-eight episodes of something to watch while you are snuggled up on your sofa and drinking a lovely hot chocolate or herbal tea or Bourbon.

While you’re at it, why not watch King Kong again? Only the 1933 version, beloveds.  You can think “Holy Crap!  This is some seriously racist shit!” and “How the hell are they getting these special effects to work without the aid of CGI?” and “I wish that screamy woman would shut up, I am concerned she will develop nodules on her vocal chords.” or even just “Pass the popcorn and stfu,  brains.”

Until next time,

I remain ever yours,



*if they understand “possibly apocryphal” they are probably worthy of your attention.  If they say “hey, I don’t know that word, what does it mean?” they are also probably worthy of your attention.  If, after a close examination of how they nod and smile after you say “possibly apocryphal” you can tell that they: 1. don’t know what the words mean. and 2. are too pompous to ask what they do mean, they are not worthy of your attention, beloveds.  Boom! Instant, time-saving, companion sifting.

**citation needed.  Your Professor is badass, and doesn’t need to cite shit.

**bonus pop culture reference of the day! WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS!!!!????

One final Bonus of the Day:


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