Why the world needs to know what nice is!

Now, beloveds, you might be thinking that the last thing the earth needs is another blog.  I agree.  There are many things that are much, much nicer than blogs.  I can list several, and will:

kittens.  the first hot chocolate of the fall.  hot baths.  hugs.  that smell when rain hits hot pavement.

Wow, that was easy.  Those are only just a few things nicer than blogs.  There are many, many more but I am currently too busy writing to you to list them all.  So, after recognizing so many nice things, I ask you “internets? why do we need this blog?” Well, internets, here goes:

We live in grim times, beloveds.  All around us, rudeness abounds, people are famous for terrible reasons, and I continue to see women wearing leggings as pants.  Leggings. As pants. Furthermore, a culture of violence and fear surround us, and people are constantly putting on their judgey-pants and trying to tell people what nice is for all the wrong reasons.  It’s so easy that I just did it.  If you are really into wearing leggings as pants, then go ahead and do it, beloveds.  You do you. 

This blog promises to educate you on what nice is.  Recognizing niceness in the world is good for you.  Being nice is good for you. I promise, beloveds.  Having said that, I will warn you that this blog will not be all about kittens and puppies and beautiful silky unicorns leaping gracefully over rivers made of chocolate.  No, no!  Sometimes, I will point you toward the beautiful nice things you might be missing.  Sometimes, however, I will decree that someone really, really needs a smack upside the head to snap them out of their obviously deep-seeded terribleness.  It’s how your professor rolls.

There will be cool features telling you about nice foods or drinkytimes and you might learn things. Important, serious things about how feminism is for everyone, or the absolute mind-blowingly best show available on netflix you haven’t seen yet (It’s Luther, people.  Luther.) I occasionally will muse on pop culture and make your mind grapes extra juicy.

Until next time, beloveds,



5 thoughts on “Why the world needs to know what nice is!

  1. ……is all I’ll say to this slander about having fewer blog posts dedicated to “beautiful silky unicorns.” All blogs must reference Unicorns, and do so in comic sans font. This is a warning………

    • Well, “Graham”, if that is indeed your real name. The professor would kindly suggest that you start your own blog, “silkyunicornfetishists.com” is my suggestion. It must be in comic sans. That being said, the professor is honoured by your careful consideration of her blog’s subject matter.

      • the interweb address bar prohibits me from making it comic sans which has thus far lead to my boycott of blogging.
        And Mr. Holmes, your powers of deduction are indeed quite deep (as you have a copy of my email address which is my full name), hahaha

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